Agenda Planning & Equipment Field Testing

During Easter Holiday period, ICE2017 Team spent time at Neil & Anjas mountain hytte in Sirdal.

Here we planned more of the expedition agenda, conducted equipment upgrades and field tests on one of the expedition quadcopters, field tested Expedition Vehicle WiFi systems, and field tested Expedition Vehicles CB (Citizen Band) Radio communication equipment.


Gunnar has recently upgraded one of the two original expedition quadcopters from ICE2015, using parts kindly donated from one of our Expedition Sponsors – AeroView

See Blog Article: New Expedition Sponsor – AeroView AS

This is one of two quadcopters, originally built for ICE2015 by ourselves – this one survived intact from this expedition.

Equipment upgrades include full rebuild, with better equipment layout, and new Flight Controller unit.

Test flights were performed to ensure all parts functioned correctly.

Below we see the quadcopter in flight, hovering at eye level – proving its extreme stability.


Expedition Vehicle 1 now has an independent WiFi system on-board, allowing continuous internet access, better GPS coordination, and less reliance upon campsite internet connectivity.

This significant upgrade will be well used throughout our trip – especially by the kids !!!

The 2 white antenna on roof rack of Expedition Vehicle 1 form part of this equipment set, along with a whip areal for CB Radio.


The WiFi range and sensitivity was also tested during convoy driving back home.

As long as expedition vehicles stayed within reasonable distance / range with each other (e.g. 5 second driving gap) WiFi signal was maintained, allowing both vehicles to benefit from constant internet access.


The Expedition Vehicles CB (Citizen Band) Radio communication equipment was also successfully tested during driving in convoy back home.

The signals were clear, and normal conversation could be conducted.

A few improvement suggestions were highlighted during this field test, allowing improvements before going to Iceland.



We also spent time reviewing and improving our agenda plan for ICE2017.

The general route has been essentially set now, with key locations and campsites identified.

Once flight travel plans for Anja have been completed, fine tuning of the agenda will be in place, and the agenda plan set.




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