Advanced Expedition Quadcopter Testing

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This weekend, Gunnar conducted a number of test flights in various “Follow-Me” Mode Settings, on our new and more advanced Expedition Quadcopter.


The weather conditions were perfect for test flight execution, with clear blue skies, very little wind, and no rain.


The Quadcopter was tested mainly on 3 “Follow-Me” Mode Settings (“Leash”, “Side” & “Circle”), as well as “Go Home” Mode (Automatic Return and Land at Start Point Coordinates) once the test flights were completed.


All tests flights proved successful, and were filmed using a GoPro camera mounted on the Quadcopter.

Below are a few short video sections from these test flights, to show the capabilities of our new and more advanced Expedition Quadcopter.




Both Tuva and Dina also took the opportunity to conduct training flights on the old (ICE2015) Expedition Quadcopter.
They had great fun flying this, and received some useful hints & tips from Gunnar, to help them improve their piloting skills.

Quite a few propeller blades were sacrificed in the process……….

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