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Today, we were very happy to receive an additional package of Sponsorship Material from Fortress Clothing, USA.



The latest package included:

  • Fortress Logo Stickers (various sizes to be mounted on Exploration Vehicles and Equipment Boxes)
  • Equipment Stuff Bags – Extremely useful items !!!
  • Marketing / Promotional Material



This package has done a lot of global travelling in the last few months….

It was first sent in Q4 2016, and safely arrived in Sandnes Post Office.

Unfortunately, the staff of Sandnes Post Office totally failed to inform us of its arrival (no SMS or Notification Slip),
and after the designated 2 weeks “wait period” the package was sadly “returned to sender” (without any attempt to contact us first…).

Fortunately for us, the package was re-sent from Fortress Clothing in the New Year, and this time, we managed to intercept and gain the package,
although we did experience “Norwegian Customs / Toll Issues” this time around – which we managed to quickly resolve, only to find later
that once again the Norwegian Post Office had totally failed (this time to read the clearly printed Value on the Customs Declaration Slip !!!)


We would like to once again thank both Dale Lewis (PresidentFortress Clothing) and Michelle Allred, for all their kind support and sponsorship – which is very highly appreciated.

We really look forward using this great equipment in the field, and promoting their excellent outdoor clothing equipment.

Check out the Fortress Clothing website.



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