We would really like to acknowledge everyone that has helped us to achieve our goal (however great or small).

Your generosity with Help, Support, Donations, Sponsorships and Contributions are REALLY HIGHLY APPRECIATED


We have noticed that a lot of people these days, forget to say Thank You when they receive.

We sincerely hope our listing below has captured everyone – We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts:


Betty Smith – Financial Donation & Support

Mercedes-Benz Entusiastklubb (Stavanger) – Workshop Access, Help, Advice & Assistance

Finn.no Buyers – Purchasing Goods from us to help raise Expedition Funds

Game-On AS – Expedition Equipment Sponsorship / Donation

Eirik Skartveit Jacobsen (Owner / Managing Director – Game-On) – Expedition Sponsorship Contact

Safilo Group (Polaroid) / Smith Optics – Expedition Equipment Sponsorship / Donation

Béatrice Coemans (Customer Service Sport & Lifestyle Division – Safilo Group) – Expedition Sponsorship Contact

GoPro – Promotion Stickers

Aileen M (GoPro Support) – Expedition Sponsorship / Support Contact

Origin AS – Expedition Equipment Sponsorship / Support

Rune Løvik and Geir Eilertsen (Origin AS – Management Team) – Expedition Support

European Resources AS – Equipment / Supplies Donation

Jonathan Scott (Director – European Resources AS) – Expedition Sponsorship / Support Contact

Kevin Lunde (Magician / TV Celebrity) – Expedition Support

Passion4Feed AS – Equipment Sponsorship / Donation

Robowsky Scandinavia – Equipment Sponsorship / Donation

Milka Tesla (Owner & Manager – Passion4Feed AS & Robowsky Scandinavia) – Expedition Sponsorship / Support Contact

Kjersti Rosland (Advisor – Passion4Feed AS) – Expedition Sponsorship / Support

Tove Kilhavn (Retired Exploration Process Advisor, Eni Norge) – Photographic Material, Background Information & Maps / Technical & Financial Support

Arctic Trucks Experience – Expedition Equipment Donation

Freyja Ágústsdóttir (Arctic Trucks Experience – Iceland) – Expedition Equipment Donation

Maxims Lipatovs – Expedition Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs

Sure Travel (Kev) – UK Taxi & Transportation / Logistics Services

IVAR gjenvinningsstasjon ForusByttebuå (Swap-Shop) – Expedition Bicycle

Mike Herbert (Chief Executive Officer of Dreki Adventures) – Arctic Trucks, Iceland & Expedition Technical Advice & Support

Dreki Adventures – Expedition Supporter – Arctic Trucks, Iceland & Expedition Technical Advice & Support

Guillaume Jacquet (Sales Manager – SenseFly) – “Remove Before Flight” Security Tags (ONS2016 Marketing Giveaway)

VNG Norge – Thermo Jack (ONS2016 Marketing Giveaway)

Gro Lende (Marketing Coordinator – SAR) – Multifunctional IT pen (ONS2016 Marketing Giveaway)

John Dahle Skipshandel – Glow Sticks / Safety Lightsticks (ONS2016 Marketing Giveaway)

Standard.no – Strong high quality bags (ONS2016 Marketing Giveaway)

Mary Lynn Landgraf (Snr. International Trade Specialist – US Department of Commerce) – Expedition Equipment Donations & Sponsorship Advice

Gert Åkerholt – Web Domain Donation / Business & IT Advice

Fortress Clothing – Cold Climate Expedition Clothing & Equipment

Dale Lewis (President) & Michelle Allred (Fortress Clothing) – Cold Climate Expedition Clothing & Equipment

AeroView AS – Drone Quadcopter Parts & Equipment

Ørjan Nyberg Ladsten (Sales & Marketing) & Jan-Robert Lingjærde (Technical Safety & Maintenance) – AeroView AS

Proactima AS – ICT Equipment

Rune Sjursen (Stavanger Office Manager) & Eirik Danielsen (ICT Manager) – Proactima AS

Swarovski Optik (especially Masoumeh Rozmehe – Sales) – Equipment Sponsorship / Donation

ReddyYeti – Expedition Equipment Support

Josh Salvo (Co-Founder – ReddyYeti) – Expedition Equipment Support

Jutta Nielsen (Booking Operator – Smyril Line) – Booking Assistance

Helge Skjold – Dried Food Sachets Donation

Odd Joar Moen (Dreki Adventures) – Arctic Trucks Advice

Drytech ASDried Outdoor / Expedition Food Donation

Kyrre Jonassen (Sales Manager) and Magnus Melkeraaen (Key Account Manager) – Drytech ASDried Outdoor / Expedition Food Donation

Stephen Tarran (Retired Exploration Operations Geophysicist, Eni Norge) – Financial Donation

Hanna (Sandnes) Post Office staff – For all their friendly help – Finn Sales Delivery

Overland Bound  – Exploration Planning & Exploration Vehicle Advice – Expedition Support

Megin Markley (Overland Bound) – Promotional Material / Stickers

BilXtra AS – Vehicle Equipment Donations, Discounted Goods & Advice

Martin & Øyvind (BilXtra Stavanger) – Vehicle Equipment Donations, Discounted Goods & Advice

Toyota Sørvest AS – Promotional Clothing & Materials / Financial Donation

Ståle Oftedal (CEO Toyota Sørvest) and Jan Trzos-Oftedal  (Sales Consultant Toyota Sørvest) – Promotional Clothing & Materials / Financial Donation

Kenneth Hansen Holskar (Arctic Trucks Enthusiast) – Arctic Trucks & 4X4 Advice

Brynja Ísfeld Eyjólfsdóttir (Arctic Trucks Experience – Iceland) – Promotional Clothing & Material

Mary Whiteman – Expedition Food Donation

Hestasport – Promotional Clothing & Equipment

Magdalena (Hestasport Iceland) – Booking & Enquiry Help & Assistance

IF Insurance – First Aid Kits

Alexander Johannessen (Senior Insurance Adviser – IF Insurance) – Green Card & Insurance Advice & Assistance

Arnfinn Eide (Mercedes-Benz Entusiastklubb (Stavanger)) – Help, Advice, Tool & Equipment Loan

Norgesdekk (especially Håvard Hansen) – Wheel & Tire Advice, Maintenance & Help 

Magnus H. Tellmann (Artist – Music Composer) – Extensive Music Compositions for Video Editing & Publication

Pete McCann – Vehicle & Bicycle Maintenance & Repair Advice & Assistance

Arctic Trucks Norway – Promotional Clothing & Materials

Alexander Ferner (Sales Negotiator) & Børre Bratvold (Marketing Manager) Arctic Trucks Norway – Promotional Clothing & Materials

GearJunkie – Promotional Clothing & Materials

Stephen Regenold (Editor & Founder) & Emily Reed (Digital Project Manager) GearJunkie – Promotional Clothing & Materials

Laura Bracco (HSEQ Manager, Eni Norge AS) – Expedition Food Donation and Support

Corrie Murguia (VP Marketing & Co-Founder) Overland Bound – Expedition Support Material & Overland Bound Membership Assistance

Glacier Guides (Arctic Adventures) – Expedition Supporter

Glacier Gudes (Skaftafell, Iceland): Bryony, Roxy, Mark, Ned & Unnar – Glacier Guides (Arctic Adventures)

66 Degrees North (Laugavegur, Reykjavík) – Promotional Stickers

ISHESTAR – Prootional Stickers

Sölvi Ólafsson (Skátafélagið Hraunbúar) – Emergency Help / Exploration Vehicle 1 Emergency Repairs

EyÞór Orri Óskarsson (Rescue Team) – Emergency Help / Exploration Vehicle 1 Emergency Repairs

Óskar Sigurðsson – Emergency Help / Exploration Vehicle 1 Emergency Repairs (+Father control)

CampsiteTeam (Sindri, Laufey Matthildur, Helga Lára & Ragna) at Lava Hostel (Skátafélagið HraunbúarHafnarfjörður Campsite – Fantastic Service / Wonderful Help

Arctic Trucks (Iceland) Workshop Team & Freyja Ágústsdóttir (Arctic Trucks Experience – Iceland)Expedition Vehicle 1 Emergency Repairs

Magnús, Gergő, Magdalena, Nele & Beatrice (Hestasport) – Fantastic Help, Service & Support.

Sauðárkrókur Hospital – Medical Treatment (Gunnar, Anja & Tuva)

Arctic Exploration – Promotional Stickers

Carl Ronny Olsen (Arctic Exploration) – Expedition Supporter

Hjördís Björnsdóttir (Úthlíð) – First Aid Help & Support / Food & Accommodation Assistance

Margunn & Sveinung Oftebro – Loan of Camping Chairs / Iceland Adventure & Expedition Advice

Joachim (Joey) Sandven – Overland Bound Base Camp Flag

Birgit Espeland – Dog Minding

Kristian Noah & Anna Hauge – Dog Minding





Everyone” who has sold us equipment / bought items from us via Finn.no, ebay or garage sales, etc..
Far too many to mention individually….but thanks a lot for all your Help & Support.


If we have somehow missed someone / you off our list, then its an accident – please let us know.
We really do want to thank everyone who has made a contribution, as you are part of our story….and we really appreciate it.