Neils long awaited ambition to organize an Expedition to Circumnavigate Iceland (ever since his first of many visits to Iceland, when he was 16 years old – See Blog Article: The Idea is Born), was finally realised in Summer 2015, with the highly successful ICE2015 expedition.

It was the highly successful result of ICE2015 that inspired us to return with ICE2017 expedition.


Neil and Gunnar are close neighbours, good friends and rock climbing buddies, based in Sandnes (Rogaland) Norway. They share a number of common interests, including Arctic Trucks / Cars, Hyttes, Boats, Rock Climbing and the Great Outdoors. They also both worked for companies based in Ipark (Innovasjonspark) Stavanger, Norway.

Neil and Ketil have known each other for a number of years, and have worked together as HSE Quality Advisors within the Norwegian Oil & Gas Industry for 4 years. They are good friends and colleagues, sharing a number of common interests, including 4WD Cars, Dogs, Hunting, Software Development, Training Course Development, HSEQ and the Great Outdoors.


Sadly, Ketil had to pull-out of the expedition in February 2017, due to educational studies workload and financial considerations.


Below are ICE2017 Iceland Expedition Team Members (both Past & Present).

Neil Q Smith

Neil Quentin Smith is English, and moved to Norway from UK in 1993 after finishing his Ph.D in Petroleum Geology from Liverpool … Read More

Gunnar Skjold

Gunnar Skjold is Norwegian, and comes from Sandnes, Norway. He holds a Master Degree in Computer Sciences from UiS (University … Read More

Tuva A Smith

Tuva Alima Smith (15) is the eldest daughter of Neil & Anja Smith. She is 50:50 English:Norwegian, was born in Stavanger, Norway, … Read More

Dina A Smith

Dina Anouk Smith (13) is the youngest daughter of Neil & Anja Smith. She is 50:50 English:Norwegian, was born in Stavanger, Norway, and is equally … Read More

Anja H Præsttun Smith

Anja Helene Præsttun Smith is Norwegian – Born in Bergen, raised in Ål, Hallingdal, and later moved to Sandnes / Jæren … Read More

Ketil Ryssdal Thorsen

Ketil Ryssdal Thorsen is Norwegian, and comes from Stavanger, Norway. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Game and Media Programming … Read More