4500km Round Trip

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We have now collated all the Tracking Data, and from the Trip Master on Expedition Vehicle 2 dashboard, the total distance covered during ICE2017 was 4,500km.


Map below displays collated data set, showing almost everywhere we drove during our ICE2017 travels.

However, some occasional roads we driven with only Expedition Vehicle 2 – without Tracking System to record the route.


As you can clearly see, we once again “circumnavigated” the whole of Iceland…



What is also interesting about this 4,500 km value, is that it is coincidentally almost identical to the total distance covered during ICE2015.


We initially expected to drive more, but due to change of Agenda plans and routes taken, following our unfortunate horse riding accident during Day 27,
the total distance was reduced from the initial estimate of 5,000-6,000 km.


When we combine the Tracking Data sets from both ICE2015 and ICE2017, the map below clearly shows how extensively we have explored Iceland during our last 2 expeditions.



As you can clearly see, we have certainly “circumnavigated” the whole of Iceland…


However, what is clearly missing, is our exposure to the central interior of Iceland.

We had plans on ICE2017 Agenda to experience and cross this area on more than one event, but these had to be postponed until future expedition events.


We hope you enjoyed following us on our daily blogs, and our daily Tracking Data maps.

It’s been interesting to see how it came together, as we progressed during our travels.


If you would like more information on our Tracking Data, please Contact Us.

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